Fortnite Leak Suggests Major Upcoming Map Change

by Rohan Nagpal
Fortnite Leak Suggests Major Upcoming Map Change Post Featured Image

Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royale game today. With millions of players playing the game worldwide, game developers are always focusing to add more interesting content to the game. Also, Epic Games does an amazing job by updating the game on a bi-weekly basis. With that, Fortnite leaks have become a common phenomenon through which players get a rough idea about the upcoming game content.

There are always several types of Fortnite leaks surfacing the web about the upcoming content. And this time there’s another leak popped up regarding an existing map location. Fortnite was pretty quiet for several weeks due to the holiday season. But it seems like the game team is finally back at work and planning on introducing some new map changes.

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Latest Fortnite Leak

Talking about the latest Fortnite leak, the Fortnite leaker and data miner “Mang0e” revealed a new variant for the coliseum. According to him, the discovered files and assets suggest that Colesium will be filled in water in the future patch. Here’s the tweet that showcases the latest leak.

The image in the tweet shows a ship and plenty of docks at the shipyard. Now, what exactly does this mean, only Epic Games knows. As we all know Epic Games have a long history of adding plenty of content in the game files, but not all of them make their way into the game.

So, I suggest taking this leak as a grain of salt as nothing about this is confirmed or commented on by the official game team. Rest assured, I will keep you guys updated if there’s an official confirmation comes out about the leak. Stay tuned for more news and updates about Fortnite and all other mobile games.

Fortnite is available for Android via Epic Games’ official website. You can scan the QR code and download the Epic Games Installer APK which leads you to download the full game.

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