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Brawl Stars December Update is here as Supercell just released the “Brawlidays” update for the festive season. This update was revealed in the December 13 Brawl Talk and brings two new brawlers, several skins, balance changes, and much more.

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List of patch notes for Brawl Stars December Update.

New Brawler: Edgar

  • Main Attack – Very short-range attack that hits twice, Edgar is healed for 25% of the damage dealt.

  • Super Ability – Edgar jumps over a short distance and gains extra movement speed after landing. Super Ability is also slowly charged passively over time (similar to Darryl)

  • Gadget – Increases passive Super Ability charging by 700% for 3 seconds

  • Star Power – Edgar Super Ability also deals 1000 damage to nearby enemies upon landing

New Brawler: Byron

  • Main Attack – A long-range attack that applies a damage over time effect to enemies and a heal over time effect to friendly Brawlers. Both of these effects can stack on the same target as many times as they are hit.

  • Super Ability – An instantly exploding vial that damages enemies and heals friendly Brawlers who are in the area

  • Gadget – Consumes one ammo to heal 800 per second for 3 seconds

  • Star Power #1 – Super Ability also reduces enemy healing by 50% from all sources for 9 seconds. This also affects the normal health regeneration which happens after not taking damage for a while

New Skins & Character VFX/SFX

  • Nutcracker Gale – 150 Gems

  • Snowman Tick – 80 Gems

  • Holiday Party Frank – 150 Gems

  • Warrior Bo – 30 Gems

  • Animated Pins for the following characters: Sprout, Poco, Brock, Colt, Mortis, Shelly, El Primo, Tara

  • New True Silver/Gold skins**:** Tick, Crow, Darryl, Jessie, Tara

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes

  • Junker’s Scrapyard in-game environment for Siege game mode

  • Present Plunder is back with minor tweaks such as reduced throwing range for gifts

  • Map rotation extended back to 14 days for Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, and Showdown

Gem Grab

  • Added a maximum match timer of 3m 30s

  • Team with most Gems held wins when the timer hits


    • Middle Blue Star now serves as a tiebreaker

    • Defeating the player who is carrying the Star will transfer it over to the other team

Trophy League

    • Trophy League duration extended from 2 to 4 weeks

    • Trophy decay changes – The goal behind these changes is to improve matchmaking quality by spreading players further apart in Brawler Trophies

      • Most players’ Brawlers were “stuck” around 525 Trophies because the system aggressively brought them back to this range which resulted in uneven matches as the skill level of the players were highly varied at this level

      • New trophy decay starts at 501 Trophies instead of 550

      • Generally, the Trophy decay levels are every 25 points instead of every 50 points

      • The Trophy decay takes the Brawler to 1 point below the lower limit of their current tier. However, at 900+ Trophies it ramps up.

Map Maker

  • Featured state after map has gotten played in Test Slot + Inbox message with voting results

  • Map hashtag visible in game

  • Report offensive map on battle end screen

  • Map Editor improvements

    • Added a shortcut to the map settings dropdown menu for creating a Friendly Game room with the selected map

    • Mirrored modes supports dragging tiles

    • Tile grid added

Brawler Balance

  • All abilities with self-heal from damage (Nita, Mortis, Pam & Emz) will now only heal from damage dealt to enemy Brawlers & coop mode Robots similar to how the Super Attack charging works

  • Affected Brawlers are compensated with buffs


    • Increased Damage Booster’s damage boost from 30% to 50%


    • Berserker health triggering threshold increased from 40% to 60%


    • Increased Health from 3200 to 3400

    • Increased Mass Tax initial shield gain after activating Super from 10% to 20%


    • Increased Main Attack damage from 320 to 360

    • Slick Boots movement speed bonus increased from 10% to 13% (same as Very Fast Brawlers)


    • Slowing Toxin duration increased from 3.5 to 5 seconds

    • Defense Booster shielding amount reduced from 60% to 40%

    • Defense Booster charges increased from 2 to 3


    • Tar Barrel duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds


    • Increased Main Attack reload speed by 6%

    • Increased Fidget Spinner damage from 700 to 1200


    • Increased Main Attack damage from 500 to 520

    • Increased Super ability damage from 200 to 240

    • Hype healing per Brawler hit increased from 320 to 420


    • Increased Health from 6400 to 7000


    • Increased Health from 3400 to 3600


    • Increased Counter Crush damage from 15% to 30%

    • Increased Main Attack damage from 1200 to 1280


    • Increased Main Attack damage from 840 to 920

    • Increased Energize healing per shot from 800 to 896

    • Increased Scrappy Health from 3000 to 3200


    • Smoke Trails movement speed bonus increased from 24% to 30%


    • Life Steal from Super percent increased from 100% to 125%


    • Increased Main Attack damage from 700 to 760


    • Increased Main Attack damage from 800 to 880

    • Bear With Me healing increased from 500 to 800 both ways


    • Increased Super ability healing from 320 to 360 per second

    • Mama’s Hug healing increased from 40 to 48 per enemy Brawler hit

    • Mama’s Squeeze damage per second increased from 500 to 800


    • Increased Snappy Sniping ammo reload from 0.3 to 0.4 per hit


    • Increased Health from 2600 to 2800

    • Super Bouncy damage bonus increased from 100 to 124


    • Increased Healing Winds healing from 250 to 300 per second


    • Shell Shock slow effect duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds

    • Band-Aid recharge time reduced from 20 to 15 seconds


    • Reduced Health from 2600 to 2400

    • Reduced Main Attack damage from 1100 to 1040

    • Incendiary damage per second reduced from 600 to 520

    • Rocket Fuel bonus damage reduced from 100% to 50%


    • Reduced Main Attack range from 23 tiles to 20 tiles

    • Reduced Super charge rate from Main Attack slightly (still requires 6 hits to charge)

    • Increased Super charge rate from Super slightly from 17 hits to 16 hits required

    • Heat Ejector damage per second increased from 300 to 400


    • Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200

    • Reduced Super charge rate from Main Attack from 3 to 4 hits required

    • Lamp Blowout push radius reduced by 33% (now matches EMZ’s Gadget)

    • Lamp Blowout healing reduced from 700 to 600

    • Lamp Blowout charges increased from 2 to 3


    • Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 5%


    • Decreased Health from 3400 to 3200

    • Psychic Enhancer duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds


    • Decreased Main Attack reload speed by 4.5%


    • Rattled Hive bee flying pattern changed, now the bees are closer together

Duo Showdown Challenge

  • 4 losses / 12 wins

  • Win Condition = Rank 1 or 2

  • Rewards = Star Points, Coins, Warrior Bo Skin


  • Added team colors to Duo Showdown defeated-feed

  • Added an aiming indicator on the ground for certain abilities like Crow & Piper Supers and Sprout Main Attack

  • Added Support for new High Refresh Rate devices

China Version Changes

  • Map Maker Released!

  • Map Maker restrictions

    • Map Maker is not available for iOS Guest accounts

    • Player made maps must be greenlighted before playing with other friends

    • Player made maps cannot be chosen in rooms with more than 1 real player in the room or pending invites for players to join that room

    • Player made maps are automatically deselected when another player joins or is invited to the room

    • Player made maps are automatically de-selected if the room owner edits a Greenlit map while having more than 1 real player in the room

    • Maps in Draft state display a “Draft Map” watermark text in-game

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Tara’s Healing Shade healing to be counted towards healing quests

  • Fixed an issue that caused Colt’s Silver Bullet to deal extra damage

  • Fix to some area effect visuals staying visible after a goal reset in Brawl Ball

  • Brawl Ball behavior improved in several rare cases

  • Carl can no longer be pushed while using his Flying Hook gadget

  • The new gadgets for Colt and 8-bit now show the active effect correctly

  • Sprout projectile interaction with trains is now less erratic

  • Sprout wall will now push enemies in a more predictable way, instead of preferring one side

  • Bots can now use teleports

  • Carl Flying Hook no longer deals double damage at max range

  • Carl will no longer go through walls when ending up in middle of water with the Flying Hook gadget

  • Fix to Leon’s Clone Projector gadget not showing state correctly when Leon wasn’t visible. In addition the clone’s super indicator will stay as it was when Leon triggered the gadget, instead of always copying the current state

  • Fixed an issue with framerate drops for some maps on selected devices (ex. Hot Potato)

So, what do you guys think about the latest Brawl Stars December Update? Let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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