Battlelands Royale Season 13 with New Map is Here

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Battlelands Royale Season 13 is released to the global audience by Futureplay games on December 17th, 2020. This season comes up with a cyberpunk theme and introduces the newly revamped map along with new a new weapon and consumables.

What is Battlelands Royale?

Battlelands Royale is the mini-battle royale mobile game for iOS and Android in which you have to fight for your survival and be the last man standing from the total count of 32 players. The map is being burned by the closing circle as time is passing by. Your aim is to pick up guns, health kits, shields, etc from the ground and blast your opponents to be the #1 Winner.

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Game Features

  • Real-Time & Fast-Paced Battle Royale game with 32 player battles
  • Play Duos & Squads by adding in-game buddies or with random players
  • Lots of unlockable Characters, Emotes, and Parachutes
  • Premium Battle Pass that unlock Exclusive Rewards
  • Huge Map to explore
  • Lots of weapons and items to loot including health kits, shields, and much more.
  • No time-consuming lobbies! Dive into the map in just seconds.
  • Supply Drops to discover rare weapons
  • Shrinking Area! Stay out of the storm

Battlelands Royale Season 13: New Features and Changes:

Check out the trailer of Season 13 below

What’s New?

New/Revamped Map

Battlelands Royale Season 13 Map Image

Game Modes

Battlelands Royale Season 13 Map Image

Battlelands Royale Season 13 New Consumables Image

Battlelands Royale Season 13 New Characters

New Weapon

Grenade Launcher

Other Changes

  • New Holiday Bundles and Battle Pass
  • Several Bug Fixes and Optimizations


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