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by Rohan Nagpal
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Battlelands Royale’s highly anticipated Season 13 was released on December 17th. This season created a lot of hype as it was speculated to bring several new features to the game. I am playing this season from the moment it dropped on Android and iOS. And today, I am finally presenting my Battlelands Royale Season 13 Review.

The newest season of Battlelands Royale introduced a new cyberpunk theme along with a brand new map, a new consumable, three new skins, a new weapon, and three new game modes. So, let’s cover all these features in the in-depth review of Battlelands Roayle Season 13 below.

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New Skins

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The latest Season 13 update introduced three new skins to the game. And I am personally in love with all three as each one of them is beautifully designed with greater detail. Also, I have to mention that the game dev team always does a tremendous job in creating and bringing new skins to the game.

New Weapon

Grenade Launcher is the newest weapon added in the game. This weapon hosts a DPS of 19 which is fairly good but not excellent. And the bad part about this weapon is its 10 range which is just too short. Also, the fire rate of this gun is also very slow. So, my suggestion is to just hide in a bush and wait to shoot until your opponent comes closer to you. Or, you can use this gun in a smaller circle at the end when you have to aim for short-ranged targets.

New Consumable

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A new gift box aka new consumable is a surprise box that can provide you with almost anything from the game. The odds of providing items are totally random and based on your luck as it can offer you a gun, shield, or any consumable. The funniest part is that sometimes it replaces your stronger gun with a weaker one when equipped. LOL. So, I really like the new consumable as it just hands over a random Santa gift to you and you can’t even complain about it. HAHAHA, or I might say HO HO HO.

New Map

Battlelands Royale Season 13 Map Image

Image Source: u/ChicagoBro2 Reddit User

Finally, Season 13 brings the much-requested player feature – A NEW MAP. Yes, the new map is FINALLY HERE in season 13. So, now the question arises, Is it really good? And the answer is YES. The new map is great. It is bigger as compared to the previous map and can easily afford gameplay of more than 32 players in the future. Now, coming to the new map locations, it includes some locations from the previous maps and also introduces some of its own set of new locations. Also, there is now lesser water and more green land on the map.

New Game Modes

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Image Source: Battlelands Royale Official

Well, I have to say that the developers have done a really good job by adding such AMAZING game modes to the game. Let’s talk about the three new game modes in more detail below.

1. Sniper-Only Game Mode

This game mode is perfect for sniper lovers as there are only sniper guns available to play with. Not to mention, I get killed at the very beginning of the game as I am not that good when it comes to handling sniper guns. LOL. So, for me, the game ends in just a minute or two.

2. Golden Guns Only Game Mode

This game mode offers only golden guns to fight with. I personally get a lot of kills in this mode. So, according to me, this game mode is AWESOME.

3. Campers Paradise Game Mode

This is one of my favorite game mode ever. Filled with complete ACTION, this game mode puts you in a small circle where everyone is shooting in every possible direction looking for players to kill.

So, what are your thoughts about the latest season of Battlelands Royale? Do you find our Battlelands Royale Season 13 Review helpful? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.

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