Battlelands Royale: Q&A Session with the Game Team

by Rohan Nagpal
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Battlelands Royale is the snack-sized mini-battle royale game for mobile. The game is quite fun as it doesn’t have any long waiting lobbies and battles also last for just 5-10 minutes. It is similar to typical battle royale games as it includes all the essential elements like skins, weapons, and a lot more customization options. To know more about the game, click here.

The Game is currently in its season 13, which debuted in December and brought some massive changes to the game. I also reviewed the latest season of the game by focusing on every detail that came along with it. And being a huge fan of the game myself, I contacted the game team and finally had a chance for a Q&A session with them. So, let’s dig deeper into my chat with the game team.

Battlelands Royale: Q&A Session

  1. How many team members are there in the BR team?

    around 20

  2. What are the daily active players for the EU servers of BR?

    7-8k in the latest season

  3. What’s the status of Destructible Environment feature?

    There’s no update regarding the development of this feature.

  4. Are there any plans to increase the number of players from 32?

    No update on this as it will increase the sever load more.

  5. Any plans on implementing the voice chat feature?

    Voice Chat is denied for now as the game is for 12+ ages players.

  6. What about adding the skilled-based matchmaking to the game?

    The feature is in demand and it would be a great addition to the game. But there are no plans on adding such feature as of now due to low number of players.

  7. Any new feature in works that you guys are aware of?


  8. Will there be clans in the game?

    Clans would be cool but discord has already adapted clans, which would make the move difficult. Still, it would be a cool way to connect some people who arent discord members.

  9. How do you guys rate the current season(Season 13) of BR?

    Solid 8.5

  10. What features of the game do you like and dislike?

    Likes: Its simplicity and accessibility, the absence of ads, how the community works in the game.

    Dislikes: Low skill cap, the pace of its development(even though it’s absolutely great), and the absence of any form of communication between players.

So, this was all about my conversation with the BR game team. Even though they didn’t spoil anything, this gives us a rough idea of what features to expect or not in the upcoming updates. I hope that this conversation also answered some of the players’ questions. As for the future, I will keep you updated with every bit of info and updates on Battlelands Royale and all other mobile games.

Battlelands Royale is free to download on Google Play and App Store with optional in-app purchases.


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